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Ways to SEO: Domain Authority|Semantic Mastery

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. When you are discussing Domain Authority, what are you truly describing?

Domain Authority is a measure of the strength of a domain. It’s a metric that covers the whole domain consisting of all pages and subdomains.

It takes into consideration lots of factors such as referring domains, inbound link count, link quality, and many others. Moz uses over 40 signals to determine Domain Authority.

Another method to think of it is it’s type of like a measurement of a domain’s popularity and exactly what it can get away with.

Google sets guidelines that sites need to pass to appear high in the search engine result. A website with little or no DA, such as with a brand name brand-new website, has the strictest set of guidelines that it have to follow.

Alternatively, a site with an actually high DA typically has a lot more freedom because a level of trust or authority has currently been established.

Consider this, 3 of the most popular sites on the web are WP.com, FB, & YouTube. They each have a perfect DA which is a rating of 100. That’s why it’s a lot simpler to rank a WP.com blog, a FB page, or a YT video (relative to a new webpage).

We understand that you can construct links to these kinds of buildings much more aggressively without having to stress excessive about getting slapped. We can construct way more links, way faster, and be a lot more targeted with our anchor text and these buildings will rank extremely rapidly.

Attempt that with a new website and you’re virtually ensured to obtain punished, if not de-indexed.

So simply puts, the greater the DA, the more abuse the building can stand up to.

2. How is this different from Page Rank?

Well if you indicate Page Rank, that is Google’s exclusive scoring system which has actually been the Gold Standard for SEO functions for lots of years.

PR is an older scoring system, in truth it was Google’s first. It uses similar signals to identify the importance of a websites. Public Relations was a page based metric which resembles Moz’s Page Authority measurement.

The issue with Public Relations is that it has been traditionally easy to manipulate, whereas DA isn’t.

3. How does DA affect rankings?

All things being equal, a page on a high DA site will outrank a page on a website with low DA.
Again, we go back to the common understanding of how basic it is to rank a WP.com page or a YT video.

So the trick is to discover how DA impacts how a page rnks and how we can use this knowledge to our advantage.

4. How can Semantic Proficiency aid others utilize use Domain Authority much better?

We have some case studies being developed that go into more information and we will likewise demonstrate how to benefit from the best and near perfect DA websites for our own benefit.

Semantic Proficiency
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Gainesville, VA 20156.

5 thoughts on Ways to SEO: Domain Authority|Semantic Mastery

  • Malik Rizwan June 15, 2016Reply

    Great Article,

    But I am little bit confused on one thing.

    Is it possible to have several links of sub domain on every page of main domain?
    E.g If a user searches any query on main domain a link to sub domain is also there for his query Is it possible? And dose it make any affect on SEO.

    Thank you

  • Marketing Digest June 15, 2016Reply

    Great explanation! Domain authority is such a nice tool to track the strength of your website over time.

  • Chris Gant June 15, 2016Reply

    Great explanation – Thanks!

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