Is it useful to have a section of my site that re-posts articles from other sites?

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Is it useful to have a section of my site that re-posts articles from other sites?

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Lots of sites have a press release area, or a news section that re-posts pertinent articles. Given that it’s all replicate content, they be much better off getting rid of these sections (even with a lot of other special content)? Gus, MA

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10 thoughts on Is it useful to have a section of my site that re-posts articles from other sites?

  • Lew Rowland September 9, 2016Reply

    The grants really is not that, for that is the world wide web, unless you make it personal you can not do anything about it or you put a watermark in there somewhere but it still wont help they can simply rewrite.

  • Drăcea Dan-Adrian September 9, 2016Reply

    What about RSS witgets? I have a widget in my sidebar with anewsfeed from 3 sites. Is that ok?

  • Gianpaolo D'Amico September 9, 2016Reply

    Great video, thanks. I've been working on a strategy like this since some months. I publish a weekly post on the best resources on sound design.
    I extract data from twitter, google alert and other sources, find the best contents and then show them in a curated way to my readers.
    week by week I try to improve my content curation skills and this video confirms my direction, thanks

  • Spook SEO September 9, 2016Reply

    Awesome video. Matt's explanation is spot on in terms of adding more value. Instead of adding a section that anyone else can have the same content with, using it for other purposes like "success stories", "featured people", (among many others) can add more value.

  • Bastispark September 9, 2016Reply

    yeah ny times why dont we find a journalist organization with more false/incorrect/incomplete information like bbc, bild etc. ….

  • Bob Harris September 9, 2016Reply

    Our site has also become devalued from someone duplicating our content. I plan to speak to someone about this at Google as this is an outrage.

  • Neil Riddle September 9, 2016Reply

    You've got a big whit board. Don't be afraid to fill it up. It would also be good to use a marker that actually put ink on the board.

  • money24seven September 9, 2016Reply

    If users love it and leave a comment to say so – Google will love it and give big hugs towards your site – think what Google plus and Google profiles are all about – Also check out their original mission statement

  • Ethan Pepper September 9, 2016Reply

    I don't think it's the content that is bad it's just that the same content will show up in many different sites thus making it not unique. However with tools like Yahoo Pipes you can get pretty selective about what content will show up. Also if the you use RSS to JavaScript then you can add the content without it being crawled by google at all.

  • Jeff Green September 9, 2016Reply

    The assumption here was that content that isn't yours that you put on your site is junky. It's understandable since the way Matt layed it out was to show both extremes. But, syndicated content can be very good content that is relevant to website visitors. I'd really like to hear him discuss the middle of the spectrum more. I say this because my marketing technique is to write articles on my site, then get them syndicated on other sites. It's all quality and provides value to those other sites.

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