Avoid Wasting Time On Social Media

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Avoid Wasting Time On Social Media

Avoid Wasting Time On Social Media By Identifying The Most Helpful Networks For You

Social Media TreeThere are many among us who started online marketing in a time where
social media was still not a requirement of being online, and certainly
not of running a business. Now, even the smallest of freelancers know
that interacting with and going after clients on social media can mean a
huge boon to their bottom line.

That said, it could be really easy to just try and be ‘everywhere’ and
then not end up actually getting any traction on the platform we choose.
Let’s be honest here, social media platforms come and go, and the ones
that are popular are crowded, while the ones that aren’t overcrowded yet
are a risk because they never will be. New or old however, all social
media platforms have certain types of content, and by extension people,
that will do well on them. Further, different audiences tend to be in
different places when spending time in the online social world, which is
an important consideration. Let’s take a look at how you can break down
a social platform’s viability for your business.

First of all, are your target customers even there? If your targets are
middle-aged men, Pinterest is probably not going to be that valuable to
you. While broad awareness is great, being good at social media takes a
lot of time, and you want to be focusing that time in areas where it’s
most likely to result in leads (right?). Evaluate the demographics of
who spends their time on a platform and make sure there’s overlap with
your target market.

Next, evaluate whether you will be good at producing the type of content
that does well there. Depending on the platform you’re looking at, you
can probably find a way to search for or hunt down posts that are
popular and getting lots of engagement. These should give you an idea
of what performs well. Take note of the format (picture, video, etc.),
and also the content itself (what words are used? Are words used at
all? Etc.).

Everyone has different skillsets, and if neither you nor anyone on your
team has the skills to create great content of that particular type, it
might be a tough journey for you. For example, if you’re not good at
framing images or thinking up what makes a potentially mundane picture
more interesting, then Instagram might not be a great place to be.

Finally, if you are good at creating the type of content you see as
necessary on the channels you want to be on, you need to map out how
much time you’ll have to dedicate it. People by and large follow the
people who put the most time into creating the most interesting content,
so it’s important to evaluate if you’ll be able to compete.

Granted you can meet all of those criteria, well, give yourself the
green light and start making moves!

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