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Backlinking  Without Links!

Co-citation is now becoming a more powerful signal  Google’s eyes than ever before due to the enormity of link spanning and misuse of forced anchor text by SEO  spammers.  Co-citation works on the principle that the “juice” from a link can travel backwards as well as forwards,  and that there is a  transitive relationship between websites.

Co-citation and Co-occurrence

For example: Lets say a person with plain looks ( it would be unkind to use the word ugly!) want to meet dating partners. They find it hard to do this by themselves, so they team up with more attractive friends of the same sex,  knowing that they are more likely to meet a prospective partner as one of a crowd.

in the same way, if your website can be seen mentioned by other websites that in turn and mentioned by highly important sites, then your site will receive some of that importance. You are judged by your friends, and in turn, their friends.

Co-occurrence  is similar but associates the meaning of words, rather than sites, that occur together.  It refers to the relationship between similar words on a page and their proximity to links and also brands. Google has in fact filed patents around this technology and it is vital to incorporate cocitation and co-occurrence into your search engine optimization plan.

In effect you need to rub shoulders with the top websites in your field or niche in order to “steal” some of their authority.

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