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Done for you!

If all this information is a bit overwhelming, or you just do not have the time do handle your own SEO , then I can do it all for you!
Over the last ten tears, I have been responsible for promoting  many websites to the first page in the Google search engine for chosen  keywords, many of them highly competitive.  I have put together a complete SEO service that search-engine-optimizationcompares with hiring an extra employee to do the work but at a fraction of the price – less that $100.00 a week. This investment should be affordable by most small and medium sized businesses and can bring amazing results.
Many companies take the view that money spent on SEO is better spent that the cost of extra advertising  as the benefits are long term.

Please do not order this service if it is out of your budget – there is plenty of information on this site –  and elsewhere –  for you to do the SEO work yourself if you are struggling or starting out.

As I personally do the work involved, I only ever take on a handful of clients at any one time.  If the order button takes you to a paypal link – then I have a space available.

My approach is unusual but very effective.  I will set up a brand new “satellite” website representing your business niche and company, the sole purpose of which is to drive traffic to your main website. There are two reasons for this:

  1. Most company websites are built (quite rightly) with content to promote the business, not to feature high in the search engines.
  2. There is absolutely no risk that any of the SEO work that I do can have a negative effect, or compromise, the company main website.

All my efforts will be concentrated on driving natural search engine traffic to the new “satellite” website with relevant targeted keywords.  Your “satellite” website will enhance your main website, be packed with information and relevant content and will contain a blog which I will update with fresh posts every single week.  Every page will contain a link to your main site.
I will create quality backlinks to the site and endevour to drive the new website to top positioning in Google.  You can expect:

  • An increase in targeted traffic to you main company website
  • More social signals (Facebook, Twitter, Google+)
  • Monthly reports to show the progress
  • More leads and enquiries
  • An increase in the search engine position of your main website
  • More sales

The one time initial cost of building the “satellite” website is an extra  $200.00 ( purchased on top of the first month SEO )
After the first month, the cost is $395.00 each month.
There is no commitment, you can cancel at any time.  And yes, if in the future you cancel, you keep the satellite website, all the benefits and backlinks and social signals I have built.  Unlike many other SEO firms I do not take these away)

I live in the UK but can work with most company websites in the English language.  (If i feel that my service is not right  for your business I will immediately issue a refund.)  I do not work with websites that have adult, gambling or illegal content, nor with businesses that compete with an existing client in the same niche)

Peter Balanck SEO expert

Peter Balanck

After you order, you will be taken to a form to complete – but I will also email you at your paypal address in order to commence work as soon as possible.

I do hope I can work alongside your business!