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Guest Posting – The Right Way

Guest Posting BoxRecently, content marketing has been all the rage. It isn’t that it’s only now that content marketing is starting to be effective, but more so than ever, more traditional media and advertising powerhouses are finally starting to take the trend seriously.

Content marketing, for several years now, has been the true language of the blogging community, and the businesses who were smart enough to narrow in on and take advantage of these networks.

Content marketing itself rests on one of the founding principles that
most of you reading this will understand: providing value before asking
for it.

Content marketing also has major crossover with “relationship
marketing,” which is what we’re going to get into today. Specifically,
those who have worked with content marketing have also found value in
maintaining a blog or similar platform to regularly share content with
and grow their audiences through.

Guest blogging is the act of posting on someone else’s blog, largely in
the hopes of getting some attention and exposure for your own web
property. The problem, however, lies in how to reframe that goal in a
way that it becomes mutually beneficial.

If it’s your first time trying to land a guest blogging gig, you need to
understand that these relationships are all about leverage: What can
you offer someone else? What are you getting in return? In order for
your offer to write a piece for another blog (even if it’s really good)
to be tempting, you need to make sure you frame it in the right way.
Here are a few steps you can take to massively boost your chances of
successfully integrating guest blogging into your content marketing

Identify blogs in your weight class or just above it. Look for blogs in
your market than have similar audiences and are getting some social
engagement and shares on their posts, but who are not yet massive.

Make contact in a helpful way. Do not just blurt out that you want a
guest post and try and pitch cold via email. Instead, leave insight
comments over a few days and interact with the blog owner on twitter or
another social platform. Share their content to show you like it.

Make a careful pitch by asking permission via one of these platforms to
reach out via email. Once you have the greenlight, send an email with
your idea, and highlight why it would be well-received by their audience
and what you will do to help share the piece and grow their blog.

Write something truly amazing. If you get the honor of having a guest
post pitch accepted, do it justice and get invited back by really
creating something special. Whatever time you put into researching and
creating your own posts, double it. Go above and beyond and make an
infographic or embedded slideshare to help out – that kind of thing.

Promote like your life depends on it in order to get the blog you’re
working with the biggest return possible and show that partnering up
with you was worthwhile.

Simple, yep. Easy? Well, you’ll be putting in some work, but it’s
nearly always worth your time.