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Make Your Clients Go Wild!

Small Good Things You Can Do To Make Your Clients Go Wild

Happy ClientSo you've got your business up and running, whether that means freelance
consulting, promoting affiliate products, or running a monetized online
community, things are on the up and up.  However, you know there's lots
of other, more established competitors in your space… so how do you
stand out and convince customers that switching to you is a no-brainer? 
Well, here are a few proven ways to overdeliver in the digital age.
1.	 Collect feedback.  With the amount of survey tools out there, or
the ability to, you know, send an email message, it's incredibly
important that you start listening to what your customers are saying. 
Early on, this can be as simple as asking them in a post-sale or ideally
post-service email what they thought of your service, and if they have
anything they would improve.
This serves two purposes:  First, it's going to help you identify people
who are really keen on your brand or product, and who might be good
candidates to become your affiliates, etc.  Starting out, you might just
let them know that if they enjoyed working with you, you'd love to send
some kind of reward their way if they find a few people to refer to you.
 These gifts don't have to be anything expensive, but the gesture is
often appreciated and the potential to help you grow is huge.


2.	Have a personality.  Seriously, for the same reason people vote
for political candidates based on how they look, or how they generally
"feel" about them, interactions and perception go a long way in purchase
decisions.  Plus, this is actually something you have a huge advantage
at over your larger rivals:  When a company has 37 different support
agents to help with their massive customerbase, they can't offer the
same kind of repeat interactions or treatment that you can as an
individual.  Smart companies on the rise use the technique of
overdelivering in the personalization and customer support department to
win clients from their competitors.  It's not a bad strategy for
entrepreneurs and online marketers, etiher.

3.	Connect with them via social media as a person, not a brand.  This
is an interesting one.  Now more than ever, people like to know who
they're doing business with, because they can.  Social media has greatly
raised expectations of interaction and transparency, to the point that
even massive brands make sure they have a presence actively chat with
those who mention them.


As an individual entrepreneur, you have the unique opportunity to let
people know the person who wants to do business with them.  This goes
hand in hand with point number two about having a personality.  Let
people Snapchat with you in your off-hours, post Instagram pictures of
your work days as they progress.  The Facebook page for your freelancing
or brand can be a place that people not only get to know you better
through written posts, but when you can foster community through asking
discussion questions and special offers.

Remember that your biggest weakness, being small and up against
long-standing competition, is also your biggest asset, because it makes
you more agile than anyone else (and your clients will remember that).

And even if you're new to internet marketing and even if you don't have
any tech skills, today it's super easy to create professional looking
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