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Off Page Optimazation

“Trade Secret” SEO Tips and Tricks (that really work!)

Off Page Optimization

Sites that link to you have a crucial effect on your ranking, and can make or break your quest for a top search engine position.  Whilst at first glance it might seem that your backlinks are out of your control, there is a lot that can be done to ensure a good balance of the right sort of links.

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Sign up to   They have a free version which is all you need start analyzing your backlinks.  Just type  website into the top box selecting the default option “root domain” in the drop-down menu.  The page will show the trust flow and farther down on the page, two pie charts showing a Backlink Breakdown and Anchor Text variation percentages.

It is the Anchor Text variation pie chart that is of most interest.   To avoid being hit by the Google Panda penalty you should ( in my opinion) ensure that the pie chart has the following criteria:

At least 50% of your backlinks should be a combination of url variations and generic anchor texts.

No single keyword anchor text should have a concentration of over 5% of the total chart

These seem to be safe anchor text ratio levels, and although you may be able to get away with different percentage levels, I recommend sticking to the criteria above to be safe.

So how can this be accomplished?
Anchor text is the words/letters used that points to the linked site.  Quite often either the domain name, or a generic link such as “click here” is used.  It is advisable to vary both.  Use different versions of the domain name, with and without the www. and http: eg

There are limitless variations of generic anchor text.  Some examples:

check over here, navigate to this website, great post to read, my site, look at this site, Get More Information, see this here. find more, recommended you read, Go Here, useful source, navigate to this web-site, website link, important source, check this site out, go to website, read more, straight from the source….. etc, etc….

Keep building these domain name and generic anchor text links to your site until they pass 50% of your total links shown in the Majestic pie chart.  This is a great way to address the balance if any of your keyword links are over 5%

How to get backlinks is another subject, but buying them is risky.  Google will penalise your site if it has too many “toxic” backlinks.  “Toxic” backlinks are links from websites that have, in turn, many spammy links themselves.  Link building is a minefield, and generally speaking, be very careful when obtaining links from sites such as where you have little control of their origination.
The ideal situation is to have links from other sites that have a high Trust Flow but this is hard to accomplish.

Go to: Co-citation