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Panda and Penguin

There have been 2 primary types of updates over the last few years that shook tens of
thousands of sites.
The initial kind is called Google Panda, and the second
(much more current) type is Penguin

The Panda

Google’s Panda upgrade was targeted at one thing- enhancing the experience of
Google internet search engine users.
Due to the fact that Google had figured out that visitors disliked visiting tiny, spammy
looking sites with low quality content, they determined to target websites that had
these attributes:


· Lots of low Web page Ranking (PR) backlinks
· Uneven backlink rate (they came also quick or sluggish).
· Too many/not sufficient key phrases.
· High bounce prices.
· Too many links from the exact same sites.
· Poor onsite optimization (no inner linking).
· No or very few outbound web links.

There were other aspects also, but these are a few of the largest ones.

Although Google had actually been relocating this instructions for a while, this strengthened.
the fact that automated, spammy stuff really did not function any longer.
Marketing experts who had been utilizing SE Nuke, Xrumer, Article Advertising and marketing Robotic,.
Scrapebox, and dozens of various other software program the offers automated backlinks lost their.

whole place of business over night.
Meanwhile, various other internet sites that had actually been accumulated “the proper way” shot up in.
While some online marketers were weeping their eyes out, others were jumping with joy.
But this wasn’t fairly sufficient. Even though the Panda updates (which kept coming.
for a few years) had created some substantial waves, Google wasn’t done yet.

The Penguin

Although the Panda updates were big, Google’s Penguin updates really trembled.
things up.
According to Matt Cutts- Google’s representative when it concerns Search Engine Optimization- the.
sites with a large bulls-eye for obtaining crushed were those that were “over.
Just what did this mean? Well besides the elements discussed above, most likely the.
largest change was concerning incoming backlinks’ support message.

Simply puts- if 97 % of a web site’s backlinks all had the support text of “ways totux, penguin

lose 10 extra pounds in a week” or whatever- Google assumed that looked shady.
As well as it kind of does, when you consider it. The number of individuals are going to link to.
a write-up they found with anchor text like that?

Rather, a more sensible support text profile would certainly consist of bunches of other key words,.
like ways to reduce weight, reduce weight quickly, shed 10 extra pounds, how this person shed 10.
extra pounds, this write-up, etc.

Something else that Google checked out was this- where is a lot of this web site’s.
traffic coming from? Is all of it coming from my internet search engine? Or is it also coming.
from guest articles, Facebook, posts, videos, press releases, as well as bunches of other.
areas across the net?
Again, this makes sense. A prominent web site will obtain web traffic from TONS of various.
places- not simply Google’s search engine.

At the same time, a website that has actually been over-optimized may be receiving lots of
website traffic from Google, but none from various other locations. The Penguin really did not like this, so.
these websites obtained CRUSHED.

The Results
Tens of thousands of websites have actually been harmed by the Panda and Penguin- but.
some actually flourished.